WiselyWise Warmly Welcomes You!

You are about to Transform your career!

The WiselyWise Team is Excited to welcome you on-board. We have designed and developed a Learning Platform which is home to all your courses. Yes ! and our Team has included features to make your learning robust and fun to use. You will find, as have our other students, that learning on WiseCentral is a smooth experience. As the Founder & CEO of WiselyWise, I am always fascinated to look at the Student enthusiasm while using our platform.

So, Your learning starts today. 

Before you plunge into your course, please watch the launch video of our AI course.


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    • What is your Privacy Policy?

      Please access our Privacy Policy here :
    • How to login to WiseCentral and learn the course?

      Go to Login with the email ID and password You will see a page as shown below. Click on My Dashboard to see the list of 3 courses enrolled for you. You will see the following courses: How to Teach AI, Build your First Voice ...

      Click on the URL links for each topic to open the topic page Topic Link WiselyWise Website      WiseCentral      Learning Paths      AI Central     - Our ...
    • I would like to become your Partner. How do I contact you?

      That's awesome. please email us at  with complete details on  your name, organization if any, and a brief note on why you would like to partner with us and how. We will revert soon with our response.
    • I forgot my password? How do I reset my password?

      STEP 1: Go to the WiseCentral Platform. you can click on this link   STEP 2 : Click on Sign In link in the Top Menu STEP 3: A new window will open as in the image below. please fill in the details. STEP 4 : Click on the ...